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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 430  FOX  August 17, 2017 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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>> right now we are tracking some construction on the inner loop that could slow us down over the legion bridge. we'll keep an eye on that and check in with the rest of your roads. >> thank you both o at 4:30 let's get a check of what's happening in the news. overnight we learned police in fairfax county are looking for 17-year-old christian perry. perry was last seen last night around 8:30. he was driving a silver 2003 honda odyssey with virginia plates similar to the one in this picture. now the van has several magnets on the back including one of a soccer ball an rocket ship. christian is described as 5-foot nine, 125 pounds with a camouflage cast on his left hand. police say he may be in need of medication. >> meantime the fbi is looking for 16-year-old tam meisha johnson from prince william county missing since august 4. she's described as being 5-foot four and weighs about 146 pounds. she was last seen wearing a hoodie black sweat pants and possible a tan head wrap. anyo
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asked to contact the fbi. >> ♪ >> time right now is 4:30 and developing this morning the debate over what to do with confederate monuments in the wake of the charlottesville violence. >> from virginia's capitol. anjali it was 24 ■hours ago you were witness to all of those statues coming down quickly in baltimore and now the focus is shifting. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, maureen. yeah, that's right. you know, calls throughout the country to pull down these confederate statues, the same is now happening right here inside the u.s. capitol building where there are about a dozen sculptures of people who were part of the confederate states of america and only about four of african-americans. take a look at this tweet. senator cory booker did tweet this out yesterday that he now plans to introduce legislation to remove those confederate statues saying "this is just one step.
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as you said fox5 was there yesterday morning as the city of baltimore tour their four confederate monuments down during the middle of the night. other confederate statues have also been taken down around the country and many state officials are supporting the removal including both governors of virginia and maryland. here inside the capitol the statues under fire include jefferson davis robert e legal and alexander hamilton stevenson but there are statues of some of outer loop founding fathers like thomas jefferson and george washington who were both known slave owners and that has critics as well as the president questioning where the line will be drawn if all confederate statues will be removed. this comes in the wake of the violence in charlottesville. it all began as a protest of a removal of a statue of robert e. lee and ended with one dead and several hurt. members of the congressional black caucus supporting senator booker's plan and legislation. the president and other
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of those statues would be changing history. live at the capitol this morning, anjali hemphill, fox5 local news. >> anjali thank you. 4:32 is the time right now. the city of charlottesville continues to mourn the victims of saturday's violence. thousands marched in a candlelight vigil last night on the viewer of virginia campus ending at the steps of the university's rotunda. the school's dean said the 5,000 marching far outnumber the crowd of white supremacists who rallied in the same area last week. >> they tried to kill my child to shut her up. well, guess what? you just magnified her. >> that's the mother of heather heyer speaking at her memorial service. she was killed when a driver plowed into a group of counterprotesters on saturday. many who attended the service wore purple heather's favorite color. the man accused of driving the car is accused of second degree murder. >> funerals for the
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after their helicopter crashed saturday. burke bates will be remembered today at a wake in richmond. his funeral is tomorrow. a funeral for loft h. j. cullen will be saturday in chesterfield virginia. the cause of the crash remains unclear. there was no exces distress call made by the pilot. >> ♪ >> also in the news this morning, president trump's business advisory councils are no more. the president tweeted rather than putting pressure on the business people of the manufacturing council and strategy and policy forum i am ending both. both councils were set up to advise the president on economic policies and focus on creating new jobs. members of the president's business councils began resigning after his vents in charlottesville. >> hope hicks named the interim communications director. she's
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behind by anthony scaramucci. the 28-year-old has flown under the radar but is considered one of the most important members of the president's team. >> ♪ >> 4:35 is the time. happening today in seat pleasant it's kevin durant day. the prince george's county native and nba champion will be honored with a parade in his hometown. it starts at the judith p. hoyer montessori school in landover to addison road. the parade is expected to last about an hour. kevin durant is scheduled to attend. >> should be fun. >> it should be, right. >> yeah. >> 4:35 is the time. caitlin roth are they going to have a perfect weather day for this parade. >> not perfect. we'll be dodging raindrops later today. we got a dry one yesterday. it's humid, it's warm and it is still kind of foggy out there. not as dense as yesterday. we've got some patchy fog mainly in our suburban spots where visibilities are down to less than 5 miles. compare that
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visibilities were less than a half mile so it's not nearly as foggy this morning. even though it's hazy, it's 78 degrees here in washington. thats so warm for a 5:00 a.m. temperature. 70 at dulles. 77 quantico, 73 in leonardtown. storm tracker radar while mainly quiet does show a skinny band of some downpours from about dale city moving southeast ward across the potomac into portions of southern maryland. if you live from that line from dale city to montrose you may be getting brief heavy rain. partly sunny and hot, highs around 90. pop-up thunderstorms later on details on that still ahead and now let's take a look at the roads. erin good morning. >> good morning. 4:36. biggest issue we're dealing with is this construction on the inner loop right by the american legion bridge. the right lanely is blocked with an arrow truck. it's slowing things down just a smidge on the outer loop as well with a rubberneck delay so a little caution. as you can see volume is still pretty light this morning. we'll switch things over and take a look at our maps. gw parkway looks good, clara barton parkway problem free. not seeing any issues on c
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john. 270 right now 70 to the beltway we're at speed. 70 moving along just fine. maryland top side of the beltway outer loop looks great. if you have an early morning flight to catch traffic on the way to bwi reagan national and dulles all looking good. any questions at erin fox5 d.c. on twitter. maureen and wisdom. >> thank you very much. coming up on fox5 news morning, the fbi opens an investigation into loretta lynch and former president bill clinton. >> the nfl may have a concession problem but only on sundays. >> the temperature is 78 degrees. we're back in a moment. >> ♪ >> ♪♪
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>> time is 4:39. we're back with what's hot on the web, the stories you're engaging with the most this morning on social media. >> and first up the great grandson of confederate general robert e. lee says he's fine with removing confederate statues. robert e. lee
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condemned last week weekend's deadly attack in charlottesville calling the violence sad and senseless and also suggesting that it would be appropriate to move confederate statues to museums. >> the fbi has reopened its search for documents on the infamous tarmac meeting between loretta lynch and former president bill clinton. it reportedly happened last year during the presidential campaign while hillary clinton's e-mail scandal was being investigated by the fbi. well, last week it was revealed that then attorney general loretta lynch used a secret e-mail address for official business under the name elizabeth carlisle. she reportedly used the e-mail to discuss the meeting with clinton. >> more hacking problems for hbo. the networks' facebook and twitter accounts were compromised. a group took control of the main account as well as the official accounts for "game of thrones." one of the po posts read our minds are here. we're just testing your security. it has been known for
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high profile twitter accounts including netflix and mark zuckerberg. hbo has not commented on the hack. >> singer bonnie tyler famously known for the song total eclipse from the heart are fittingly sing the song during the eclipse. she'll perform aboard the royal caribbean's total eclipse cruise. it cruise will be positioned in the path of totality. make sure you turn around bright eyes if you don't. >> i see what you did there. >> if you don't have the necessary protection gear to watch. >> finally there's a chick-fil-a in the new atlanta falcons stadium. so, football fans they're going to be able to enjoy the tasty chicken treats during home games but you can't do it on sundays because all chick-fil-as across the country are closed on sunday. they don't open for anything. seven of the falcons eight home games will be played on sunday. >> so the point was. >> that's actually pretty funny. >> yeah. >> they're putting it in there bu
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>> i know, it's closed on sundays. anyone ask? coming up on fox5 news morning, d.c. firefighters, they're sounding the alarm about the filthy conditions they're forced to deal with at work. >> the top earning woman in hollywood has been dethroned. >> heading to break, a live look across the d.c. region. it is 4:42 and 78 degrees. we're back with more fox5 news morning after the break. >> ♪ >> ♪♪
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>> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. >> time right now is 4:45. here's a look at the stories we're following for you today, thursday, august 17th. new jersey senator cory booker plans to introduce legislation to remove all confederate statues from the u.s. capitol building. booker made the announcement on twitter but did not say when he plans to do so. the capitol building's national statuary hall collection includes at least a dozen monuments which honor confederate soldiers and politicians. a state panel in maryland voted to remove the statue of robert taney from outside the statehouse in annapolis. taney wrote the dred scott decision which said african-americans could not be citizens. >> last night the president tweeted rather than putting pressure on the business people of the manufacturing council and strategy and policy forum i am ending both. both were
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the president on economic policies and focus on creating new jobs. several members of the business council began resigning after his comments about the events in charlottesville. >> and no one won the powerball drawing last night. the jackpot now climbs to $510 million. that is the eighth largest lottery jackpot ever in u.s. history. it's the fifth largest for powerball. there hasn't been a winner since june. next drawing is on saturday. >> i wonder if you can get tickets on amazon. >> pretty soon you might be able to. >> kevin durant day in seat pleasant. he'll be honored with a parade in his hometown beginning at att 10:00 at the judith p hoyer montessori school. >> thank you for joining us. i'm maureen umeh. >> and i'm wisdom martin. today is thursday august 17th. our team is in place. erin como talking about traffic, caitlin roth talking about weather. good morning. >> good morning to you both. off to another warm start. there's a li
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but not nearly as dense as yesterday. warm front coming in though has sparked some showers towards our south. with that warm front coming in it will get a little warmer. 78 degrees outside right now. very humid and there's those showers from a line -- you can draw from about dale city down to montrose, virginia and it is propagating eastward crossing into portions of charles county so waldorf la plata chesapeake beach you'll see showers this morning. the rest of usological wait until the afternoon. a couple unsettled days. that's a check of your forecast. now let's take a look at the roads. >> 4:47. use your low beam if you encounter fog. we have the inner loop construction over the legion bridge blocking two lanes. rubberneck delay on the outer loop on inner loop seeing a slow down from 267 dulles toll road. southern mad nice and quiet on five, 301, 210 looking good in fort washington. we'll take a look at your virginia majors with your n
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any questions at erin fox5 d.c. on twitter. back to you maureen and wisdom. >> thank you erin. 4:47 is the time. the debate over the fate of confederate monuments is ramping up in the wake of the deadly charlottesville violence. >> all of the country t-... over the country there are loud calls to take them down. anjali hemphill with an update of what's going on. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, guys. well, currently inside the u.s. capitol building here, there are about a dozen sculptures of people who were part of the confederate states of america and only about four statues of african-americans. so, yesterday senator cory booker tweeted that he plans to introduce legislation to remove those confederate statues saying "this is just one step. we have much work to do ." yesterday fox5 was there as the city of baltimore tour their four confederate monuments down during the middle of the night. other confederate statues have been taken down around the country. many
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supporting the removal including both governors and virginia and maryland. in fact a panel just voted to remove the robert taney statue. this comes in the wake of the violence in charlottesville that began as a protest of the removal of a statue of robert e. lee and ended with one dead and several hurt. members of the congressional black caucus are supporting senator booker's plan to introduce this legislation. no clue when that will be. however, critics including the president say removal of these statues would be changing history. live at the capitol, anjali hemphill fox5 local news. >> anjali, thank you. 4:49 is the time. we're t turning could a fox5 inclusive. fire officials investigating a d.c. firehouse after we showed pictures of dirty and rundown conditions. fox5 received those pictures of engine company 27 in an e-mail from a concerned citizen. they showed things like trash bags over windows used to keep the heat in in the win
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tiles, flooded storm drains and rodent problems. the d.c. fire union president and department officials say this was the first they've heard about it. the fire department says it will immediately review conditions at engine 27 and make any necessary repairs. >> time right now is 4:50. we have new information in a murder-suicide in upper marlboro. investigators tell us that tumor shot and killed her boyfriend bernard williams before turning the gun on herself. the bodies were found. >> malvo was convicted as a 17-year-old for participating in sniper attacks which killed 10 people in the washington region. his attorney challenged his six life sentences in maryland and virginia based on a recent u.s. supreme court ruling which said mandatory life sentences without parole were unconstitutional for juveniles. the now 32-year-old malvo could still have the sentences overturned by a federal judge. >> coming up on fox5 news morning,
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redskins fans are tired of getting their hearts broken every year. really. >> you needed a survey for that. a veteran play by play announcer celebrating on social media after she crashes through the proverbial glass ceiling. >> going to break with a live look across rot -- the dmv. >> ♪ >> that's your song. >> that's my song. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> 4:53 is the time. this morning wal-mart will celebrate the grand opening of its first training academy in maryland kicking off with a ceremony for its first graduating class. serve about 21 stores in the area. they were developed as part of the country's $2.7 billion commitment to their associates created to
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their customer service skills. >> emma stone made $26 million in the past year. that's slightly more than jennifer aniston. the actress won an oscar for her role in "la-la land." >> beth mowens will be the first woman to ever call play by play for the nfl on cbs. they'll debut september 24th they'll call the browns and colts game. >> with the comes to d.c. fan satisfaction the capitals rank first redskins last. that's according to the second annual fan experience survey by jd power. they surveyed 9200 sports fans across 11 markets. the caps rank first in d.c. followed
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the redskins. the worst went to the philadelphia eagles. the eagles haven't won anything like real. >> okay. >> they're the only team in their division that hasn't won a super bowl. >> at least we're not last, we're not last. >> if somebody is below you, then you're still good. >> speaking of good and it's all good. tomorrow we are just one day away from our next zip trip. this friday fox5 will be in gaithersburg, maryland. come on out this friday august 18th from 6:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. tucker allison, wisdom they'll all be there, yeah, that dude named wisdom martin. come on, y'all, come see wisdom say hi. >> get that on his t-shirt. >> that guy. >> that dude wisdom martin. >> we call him the hazel eyed bandit. >> doesn't sound very loving. >> if they're not hating you're not trying,
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>> i'll explain it to you while you do weather. >> i think you're very kind so i'm sure all of our viewers in gaithersburg will be very happy to meet you. friday morning should be dry but we're back into that period of thunderstorms popping up today and then again tomorrow afternoon. so, factor in the umbrella for this afternoon. yesterday was nice. we got a dry break. it was hot but there weren't any storms. now for today, with that that warm front moving in that will be the trigger for showers and thunderstorms in the afternoon hours. muggy, high temperatures around 90 degrees. we'll call for 90 in washington. upper 80's elsewhere. scattered thunderstorms this evening. we'll talk about friday chances in the seven-day forecast still ahead. and now i'll send it over to erin. >> 4:56. inner loop construction by the legion bridge. arrow truck out there. still seeing some flashing lights. watch for a slowdown leading toward that location. not a whole lot of volume. good news is we're crash free on the beltway. things looking good on 66. no problems from 234 to centreville. looking good to the beltway seeing clear conditions on 95 as well as you make your way through prince william
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not seeing any slowdowns in stafford. looking good hov and main lanes cruising along at speed. any questions at erin fox5 d.c. on twitter. for the record i'll be joining y'all in gaithersburg as well. as wisdom said if they're not hating you ain't trying. >> erin como got it. >> i didn't mean to leave erin out. if you ain't hating you ain't trying. it doesn't rhyme. >> i'll explain it to you again. >> coming up on fox5 news morning thousands gather in charlottesville calling for peace and unity. >> the fbi and local law enforcement ask for your help finding two teens. >> it's 78 degrees right now. we'll be back with more fox5 news morning. 'cause if they ain't hating, you ain't trying. it doesn't roll off your tongue. even the stocks agree. they're down. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. >> today on fox5 news morning, removing hate or rewriting history? as a number of cities and towns across country remove confederate statues some are beginning to debate if removal is the best idea. >> thousands gather in charlottesville to call for an end to hate. >> keep that umbrella handy. you'll need it. >> good morning, thanks for joining us, i'm maureen umeh. >> and i'm wisdom martin. today is thursday august 17th. caitlin roth


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